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Friday, November 4, 2011

The place to be in Cebu is Radisson Blue

My hotel room at Radisson Blue in Cebu
I was here in September 2011.
 I attended a conference at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Sergio Osmena Boulevard, Cebu http://www.radissonblu.com/hotel-cebu last September 2011 on Professional Learning Communities.  This activity was sponsored by Phoneix-Sibs Publishing. I attended this alongside with other school owners, principals, and administrators of several Quezon City schools.

We were given the royal treatment in this hotel during our three-day stay from the grand welcome complete with drinks in their gigantic lobby and lounge to daily buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner at their massive and beautifully designed restaurant, Feria. I enjoyed the different assortment of cheezes, dimsum, and of course Japanese appetizers and dishes. The attendants from the receptionists down to the food servers were all very friendly and accomodating with their ready smiles. My special request for hot water (since I was a little under the weather) was always granted without a miss. And the room was gorgeous complete with a flat screen tv, ipod dock, spacious bathroom, and a weighing scale (the weighing scale was a plus because I had to keep track of all my eating).

I stayed two extra days to be with my husband who is currently based in the Visayas and for a five-star hotel, it is a truly value for money venue for either business or pleasure.

This is the view from my hotel room window.
Since the place was a stone's throw away from the international port area, I was able to do some visualization exercises of me owning several containers (the ones you see inset) filled with my goods.  It's definitely a nice view from my room since my personal business is in connection with selling export overruns and it is my hope to someday do this on a massive scale.  Why not right? The title of this blog is Limitless Possiblities so sky's the limit.  Cheers to that!
Seminar Topic: Professional Learning Communities

      Of course, since the main reason for being in Cebu is to attend a seminar on Professional Learning Communities, we all paid careful attention during the duration of the two-day seminar.  Emphasis was given on being outcomes or results oriented, including student results in the performance appraisal of teachers, and working through collaboratation in helping support the success of students. Still, I cannot help but be awed with the accomodations given by the staff of Raddison Blu, the very inviting and mouth-watering snacks, and the venue itself which is nature-inspired. No wonder, it is a choiced venue for different conferences and celebrations.  I think there was a wedding and a prom concurrently going on while we were here.                                                                                                 
My husband and I enjoying the scenery
After the serious business of attending the conference, I stayed two more days to be with my husband. We hung out in SM City Cebu Mall which is adjacent to this hotel.  By the way, Radission Blu is a franchise of the owners of SM.  From what I heard, this was an incomplete building for several years already which SM later on acquired to put up this mega hotel structure.

Many thanks to Phoenix-Sibs Publishing for putting this together and spending for all the Quezon City delegates and to Raddison Blue for giving us such a lovely experience.

I will definitely bring my family here the next time I go on holiday to Cebu. Just like SM, Raddison Blu has it all for you.

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