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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Unang Hirit checks out Trishca's Store at the Big Tent

Start of the Shoot for Unang Hirit
The day was November 25, 2011. The time was 3:30 am.  I had to wake up really early because Unang Hirit would be featuring the Christmas bazaar at the Big Tent where I have a booth, Trishca's Store . This features mostly my own line of items such as fabric and paper journals, fabric pencil cases, fabric boxes, canvas bags, canvas pouches, and a lot more. I got to the venue by 4:00 am.  Since my assistants were not yet around, I took care of setting up the booth. Moreover, I was already dressed in my semi-formal attire since I had to attend a PAASCU Assembly at Century Park Hotel in Manila at 8:00 am.  Too bad I didn't get the chance to be interviewed as I was rushing to leave the venue. Nonetheless, my assistants, had their photo ops with Drew Arellano and also got briefly interviewed regarding the products. Furthermore, Lyn Ching-Pascual also checked out the items in the stall particularly the fabric pencil cases.  This being my first official taste of getting covered on television, even just in passing, was something exciting for me.  Maybe next time, I'll get interviewed on TV regarding my products.

Ms. Tamayo and Ms. Mamiit on candid camera!

What's funny is that I told all my friends and co-workers to check me out in Umagang Kay Ganda only to find out that Unang Hirit would be the one covering the event. That's typical of me! 

Another funny incident was that my two colleagues at work, Ms. Tamayo and Ms. Mamiit picked me up from the venue because the three of us had to go to the PAASCU Assembly. They took a quick side trip to my stall and bought a few items. They also got featured on television (without them knowing right away) which we sort of laughed about after because people who know them might think that they were escaping from their work obligations.  Haha!
Camera Man at rest while another Camera Man was shooting some scenes

Lyn Ching-Pascual holding my fabric pencil case - Yey!!!

Ms Tamayo and Ms Mamiit are still not aware that they're on TV.

Drew Arellano with my happy assistants - Jessa and Rona

Although I didn't personally get to have my few minutes of fame since I was standing on the sidelines, I am really just happy that my stall got featured.

If you have time, feel free to visit Trishca's Store at the Big Tent. The bazaar is called Grand Bazaar @ the Big Tent.

We will be there from December 9 to 11, December 16 to 23, and December 28 to 30.

For particulars, you may call us up at 3861612 anytime between 10 am and 7 pm from Monday to Saturday. You may also get in touch with us at the same number should you want to make a wholesale purchase.


  1. I'm so happy for you and so proud of what you've accomplished! Kaya lang, you didn't tell me about this, I should have covered the event with the Unang Hirit staff, hehehe, with photo ops with us and the stars.
    Oh, would you want me to help you gain followers?

  2. Syempre Joy I'd appreciate the publicity mileage that you can give to me so people will visit my stall at the Big Tent. Right now, I should be working on my dissertation but here I am blogging away. Hahaha. It's one of those "I don't feel like doing it" moments again.

  3. Hello Trishca's Store! Do you still do wholesale branded clothing? Hope you can contact me as soon as you read this. mejpaet@gmail.com. Thank you!