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This contains snippets of my journeys from the most mundane to the most exciting. This will contain some reviews as well, mostly of hotels and places visited. At times, this could be filled with gripes and frustrations but in all, it will most likely show how truly fascinating life is from my vantage point. My personal mantra, however troubled or distorted things may seem to most, is rooted from the movie "3 Idiots" - - All is Well. Thus, I am a fervent believer of limitless possibilities. Live well. Cheers!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pilipinas...Tara Na (Philippines...Let's Go)

developed by Mad Banana 
There is no other place in the whole wide world just like this. There is really something that sets our country apart from the rest of the world beginning with our hospitality. Having had the chance to travel to different countries, there's still no other place but the Philippines (in my opinion) where you feel genuine warmth from people, smiles, laughter, and kindness. That together with the country's rich natural resources and absolutely breathtaking sites to see make a perfect combination.  Whether the Philippines is more fun or not, and whatever new controversy that surrounds it in connection with its tag line's (It's More Fun in the Philippines) originality, the country is definitely the place to visit especially for budget conscious tourists who would like to have a good time without the steep price tag. Check out this video developed by Mad Banana. My daughter, Sophia (together with Alan, Maan, and Brie), is in this wonderful video that showcases the beauty of the Philippines. Pilipinas...Tara na!

My personal thoughts about possible tag lines:

1.  Pilipinas, san pa nga ba (Philippines, where else)
2.  Pilipinas, panalo (Philippines, winner)
3.  Pilipinas got talent (kidding)
4.  Pilipinas, ayos dito (Philippines, its ok here - - there's a site I think that is called ayos dito)
5.  Tara Na, Biyahe Tayo (let's go, let's travel)
6.  Pilipinas, tara na (Philippines,  let's go)

What the heck is wrong with WOW Philippines anyway?  Hahaha!  Either way, pay the Philippines a visit. It will be worth your while....the adventure of a lifetime. :)

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