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Monday, February 27, 2012

2012: Memorable Iloilo

Breakthrough View of the Waters
Our Room at the One Lourdes Dormitel

Iloilo, gateway to other exciting destinations like Roxas City (2 hours drive), Aklan (4 hours drive), and Guimaras (20 minutes by ferry boat), is really a nice place to see. I wasn't necessarily on holiday mode when I came here because I had to help my husband in marketing textbooks to schools.  We therefore decided to stay in a quaint hotel called One Lourdes Dormitel located in Cor. Fuentes – Ledesma Sts. since we were on a budget and had to stay for a full week in January and another week in February. Given that it is a budget hotel/dorm, the price is really reasonable (Php 860.00 per day) and its got all the basic amenities such as a telephone, television, hot and cold water, mini refrigerator, dresser with mirror, and  closet.  Tissue, soap and shampoo is also provided on a daily basis. Moreover, there is free internet connection available. The downside is that the room is quite small, the towels are not thick at all, and the water smells funky. Still, in all, our stay was pretty decent. It's just that the only room available at that time was this double twin room. 

After going to several schools in the next few days, Johnny, the husband of my friend, Sining, brought us to Breakthrough, a restaurant located in Sto. Nino Norte, Arevalo and he ordered a feast of seafood for us. I had my first taste of grilled scallops and couldn't get enough of it.

grabbed photo from flavoursofiloilo.blogspot.com
This was my first of four trips to the restaurant (both Breakthrough and Tatoy's) because after having a taste of scallops for the first time, this became my official favorite dish.

Johnny definitely spoiled us rotten with so much food that when it was time to do our afternoon round of schools, I was burping my way through. I am convinced that Iloilo has the most delectable and freshest seafood.

Lopez Ancestral Home

Along Jaro, Iloilo is the ancestral home of the Lopezes called Casa Mariquit. I remember seeing goats eating grass on the yard of this house. This abode is over 200 years old. With so much history surrounding it, I wonder what it would be like to be inside this house looking out. 

We also had the chance to visit Cabanatuan Parochial school that has a very big church right beside it. Ms. Maroma, the principal, said that she would try to help us out in closing deals with clients. Our fingers are definitely crossed.

The rest of my time, apart from work, was spent taking gorgeous photos of clouds. I've been obsessing about clouds ever since I was very little. Naturally, when I saw some cloud formations, I got carried away.
Port Area
Even though I just used my cellphone in taking photos, I'd like to think that I did a good job in doing this.

To just cap off my memorable experience in Iloilo, I just want to share that there are a number of big schools here that offer basic education and college/university programs. There is also a huge SM Department Store and plenty of dining facilities.
On the Road

I believe that my husband and I had a fruitful stay in Iloilo, since we had the chance to visit several schools (with some prospects to boot). There is definitely limitless possibilities for us here. Who knows, we might even have an Iloilo office in the future, a warehouse for our books, and loyal clients who will get textbooks from us because of their trust in the company and in Jay/me.

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