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Friday, March 2, 2012

Resorts World Manila (me, whispering)

 I'm starting to get into blogging. I wonder if there are actually people reading this.  I don't even have
members in this blog, just my 1 and only trusty best friend, Joy. For those who will actually get to read this and are bloggers themselves, please add me up (I beg of you...haha...desperate).

Anyway, I arrived in Manila in the morning of February 18, 2012 from my 2nd trip to Iloilo. When I came home, I had to freshen up in preparation for a wedding of a friend in Clark, Pampanga. Concurrently, I had to make sure that my daughter was ready for her prom in the evening. Once I knew that she was all set, my sister and I traveled to Clark. We just attended the wedding/mass - which by the way, was absolutely beautiful - because I had to go back to Manila, pick up my two sons from the house to bring them to Remington Hotel, and then wait for my daughter in Sofitel where her prom was held. By the time I picked up my daughter, it was already midnight and we arrived at the hotel past midnight already. It was definitely a very long day for me.

On the morning of February 19, I took notice of the hotel room where we were booked. Remington Hotel is a new hotel and is tagged as a "a top-quality hotel that offers superb accommodations at affordable prices." Well the cost of our room was Php 3,900 or roughly USD 86. Unfortunately, I didn't find the place of top quality. The finishing of the bathroom is not good. Grout was not placed properly to fill in the holes of the tiles. The flooring, new as the hotel is, seems rather rough with scratches here and there. The side table which is long has formica to give it a polished look, but already, it has chipped off parts here and there. The paint job is awful and I cannot find the thermostat to control the temperature of the room. They don't even have complimentary water. In short, I felt like I was in an old hotel instead of a new one. The only upside is that the room is rather spacious and would comfortably fit four our more persons and it is right across Resorts World Manila.
The not-so-nice hotel room didn't stop us from having fun though.  Check out my son as he danced his heart out.
Upon checking out the hotel, we then proceeded to my kids' favorite place, the newly opened Game Zoo.
What I like about this place is that it has an assortment of games for my kids to enjoy. There is also a play area for toddlers at the 2nd floor.  The cost of going to the play area is a little high though compared to other play areas I have brought my son to. At least, apart from the Casino and Dining Facilities, there is a place where children can look forward to joining.
In the photos above and to the right, you could see my kids really serious in playing these games. I'm just happy seeing them happy. You see, I was out that second week helping out my husband in Iloilo, which made me guilty not having spent enough time with them. Thus, I really took the time out to be with my kids even if it meant spending way over my budget. Not to worry though, I already cut my credit card (What was I thinking? I shouldn't have done that.  Haha! What's done is done. - - this is me doing a monologue).
We also heard mass here at Resorts World right at the center of the area and I couldn't help but take a photo of the display of roses, shaped like a heart, suspended in air. The decor was absolutely, positively breathtaking and totally made up for the shabby Remington Hotel experience. 
We capped off our day there by watching "The Sound of Music" with Joanna Ampil as Maria and Ariel Rivera as Captain Georg von Trapp. It was so amazing how my two-year old can appreciate this musical alongside his ate and kuya, who are years older than he is. He was pretty quiet all the while and it was really fun watching him appreciate the play. We really have such great talent in the country and Joanna Ampil did a very good job in portraying the role of Maria. Her voice and acting skills are superb. Even the actual set used for the play was so beautiful, interactive even. 
By the time we were all set out to go home, I had a feeling that my three kids had a good time. My daughter was singing "raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens" and my two boys seemed equally pleased. Although I hardly had a wink of sleep, just seeing my kids happy makes me feel the same way. I pray that my husband and I could give them not only all that they could possibly ask for in life but more importantly, time, love, affection, and attention. Well, my husband and I will work on this. Limitless possiblities, remember?

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