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This contains snippets of my journeys from the most mundane to the most exciting. This will contain some reviews as well, mostly of hotels and places visited. At times, this could be filled with gripes and frustrations but in all, it will most likely show how truly fascinating life is from my vantage point. My personal mantra, however troubled or distorted things may seem to most, is rooted from the movie "3 Idiots" - - All is Well. Thus, I am a fervent believer of limitless possibilities. Live well. Cheers!

Friday, July 27, 2012

When the Mind is so Cluttered

Good morning! This is one of those days again where there is so much to do so I succumb to the temptation of doing things other than studying. I know I have to get back into studying really soon because chapters 1 to 3 of my dissertation should be done asap but I can't seem to think straight. Every time I open a required reading material, either I pass out (literally) or drift into space so I decided to write down everything significant that needs to be a part of my Rev Lit. But even my notebook had lines that stretched to the ends of the pages since I would fall asleep writing. I pray that I will have the energy and desire to study and work on my paper.

To breathe a bit, I decided to surf here and there about mundane, senseless stuff. Lo and behold, here I am blogging away mindless bits. 
Just to give you an update about my kids, well Adam is already in school. Although he is wearing a School of Saint Anthony garb, he actually goes to Links near Tumana Bridge (I hope it doesn't get flooded).  My mom just wanted him to try out this uniform and might I just say, he looks absolutely handsome.

Here is another photo of him taken in Laguna when we attended the fiesta last May 2012. Cheeky looking, don't you think?  Just to share, after giving up from studying at around 11 pm last night, I woke up at 12:30 past midnight itching to high heavens (I suspect bedbugs). After an hour of scratching and complaining, I hit the shower and felt much comfort. It was around 2:00 am or so that I decided to hit the sack, and when I was just about to doze off, Adam woke up and started bugging me. So if you might be wondering this fine July 28 if I got to see the London Olympics Opening live, yes I did, because Adam kept me up until the wee hours of the morning. 
I am feeling a bit funky though, being sleep deprived, unproductive, and cluttered.  .

Going back to sharing bits about my kids, here is Niko. He asked me to take a photo of him one time when we went to the mall though I can't remember what backdrop this is.

Niko is super smart in Math and he is so fast when it comes to multiplication since he's memorized the multiplication table already. He just needs to work some more on problem solving because his faculty in understanding sentences still needs a bit of work.  He also cries if his scores are not perfect in exams.  It's something that his shadow teacher has been sharing to me and I hope we can solve this concern soon because he has to understand that it's ok not to have a perfect score in quizzes and tests.

Sophia, my eldest, is already a Senior in High School. Next week, she will be taking the UPCAT and dreads this a lot.  I keep assuring her that no matter where she passes or ends up in, she will do very well, and will receive my full backing.

What matters is that she does her best in everything that she does. Besides, if you want to be successful in life, you definitely have to put in the hard work.  I just notice that her life seems tougher than when I was in high school. I remember staying up really late during college but not in high school. She would tend to really stay up late to study.  Maybe she is more diligent than me. Truth be told, she really is one hardworking person.  I need a bit of her persistence to rub on to me right now.  Wait, I need it massively.

Check out this cool shot my entire family - husband, kids, mom, dad, siblings, brother-in-law, and niece.  I posted this on facebook and got hundreds of likes. As for this blog, I have no idea if this even gets viewed by others considering that I only have one member.  Harhar.

Here's a photo of me taken in HK last April 2012.  I was joined by the rest of the members of SSA's Academic Council. We did our evaluation meeting here. How cool is that?  I wish other departments can also experience the same.  Though I noticed that when it was time to evaluate, my colleagues were dreading it probably because they were really tired during the day when we did sight seeing.  Still, I reminded them to stay focused because our main intent is to do our evaluation.

You might mistake this next photo for me but no, it is NOT me.  It's my sister in her moment of drama.  We were in the subway on our way to IKEA. I think she has what it takes to be an actress, but doesn't know it yet.

Finally, we made it to one of my favorite shopping destinations, IKEA.  Below is an image of Ms. Alice and myself.

We also had the chance to go to Macau but it was raining so hard. My fellow administrators told me that since they bought rain gear, this should be their Thursday uniform.  Hahaha. Pwede!
Ms. Mamiit on the other hand posed beside this sign that says "Kabayan Mura Dito! (Translated: Townsman, it's cheap here)" What's funny is that there is a Filipina seller inside who works in this souvenir shop telling us not to buy there since its expensive. 

Ms. Alice returned to the bus late because she and my sister went shopping instead of sight seeing. Hidden behind her is all the stuff they bought...tsk tsk.  She looks like a hunchback gangster here.  Oh no!
Ms. Mamiit celebrated her birthday, Hong Kong style. We surprised her with a birthday cake and she treated us all for lunch after. Woo hoo! Free food! I do hope she had a happy birthday.

On our last night, we went to the "Ladies' Market" to do our last minute shopping.  This spot is where we all waited for one another.  I enjoyed asking the sellers to bring down their prices.  I didn't spend much during my entire stay in HK so when I went here, this is when I pretty much spent my remaining dollars. 

Here are additional snippets of our HK trip.

 That is what a cluttered mind does. It brings me to all sorts of places. Instead of working and studying, this is what I end up doing. I need to get organized and fast. I'm planning to do an education blog by the way so watch out for that (this is addressed to the sole member of my blog, Joy...haha).