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Friday, August 24, 2012

2012 Makati Shangri-la Hotel...My Favorite Hotel in the Metro

2012 May Makati Shangri-la, a set on Flickr.

In my desire to explore how flicker works (yes, I'm not even familiar with instagram yet), I tried to see how it could be posted here in blogspot.  I am actually glad it can be done but since I am not technologically literate in that sense, please bear with me :) ....the person who learned about the term "emoticon" just a month back.

As in the past, Makati Shangri-la, being the 5-star hotel that it is,  boasts of a spacious and beautiful lobby and of course, very nice and comfortable rooms. The room we stayed at had the usual amenities - a mini bar, refrigerator, flat screen, safety deposit box, nice shower, soft beds, fluffy pillows, and good food. Add ons like daily newspaper at your doorstep, bedroom slippers, complementary bottled water and welcome fruit basket, sewing kit, and stationary, are always a welcome treat anywhere you go. It's well appointed rooms also had a face lift because it didn't look like this when we stayed here some years back.

We celebrated my mom and dad's 37th anniversary by just hanging out here and at the nearby mall. Then we heard mass at greenbelt chapel. This is where I got married back in the day. Owned by my husband's uncle's family, Nordy Diploma [well that's according to my hubby], we are among the few people who had the chance to get married here. For your information, Tito Nordy is is a famed lawyer and the owner of Languages International with several branches across the metro. Yip, I'm giving another history lesson folks.

According to one web resource, the chapel was established in 1983 and that this place used to be an aviary. Jaime Zobel de Ayala, who owns the land, apparently allowed Fanny del Rosario-Diploma, the founder of Greenbelt Chapel, to put this up in coordination with Fr. Edgar Saginsin and Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin (http://metromanilaphotos.hub.ph/greenbelt-chapel/). She is the deceased wife of Tito Nordy.

Anyway, going back to Makati Shangri-La, I wish I took photos of the buffet.  That was really something. Right now, I'm pretty hang-up on eating different cheeses and crackers.  It would definitely go well with wine. My vision of a good treat would be to watch television, maybe a movie marathon, with wine and cheese, all by myself.  Harhar!  I wonder what type of wine is good to consume with cheese. To add, I also dream of attending a wine tasting event that have lots of cheese snacks.

Before I finally go off-topic, Niko and Adam swam in Shang's pool. This pool is nice and all but probably needs a repair because the tiles were a bit sharp [even the nicest of places need a thing or two to improve]. There were a few chipped tiles here and there. Anyhow, what's wonderful to note is that Adam showed me that he could already swim. His summer swimming lesson in our neighbor's house paid off.  Of course Niko knows how to swim as well.  I was so very proud of my two boys. Brie did a swell job too.  Sophia didn't get to be with us though because she was in food heaven with relatives in Bacolod and Iloilo-Roxas.


  1. I would love to do wine tasting as well, especially with cheese and pastries laden buffet table to complete it! Will invite you some time, if I get invites though...

  2. Yes!!! I'd love to go (yung maraming cheese ha...hehe). Here's my vision: Best Friends take a journey to different spots to explore various destinations and then give reviews about such...like that Kapoor girl on TV. ;)