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Monday, September 9, 2013

Kalibo, Aklan - - So much more than the Ati-atihan

Kalibo Akan is really worth visiting so before booking a tour to Boracay Island, it would be really a good idea to stop by Kalibo for a day or so. The best hotel in the area is Marzon hotel. Very near the airport, most of its patrons are airline pilots and attendants. Prices are not too steep and are inclusive of daily breakfast.

This is our room in Marzon Hotel, Kalibo.

These photos were taken right after the ati-atihan.

One nice place to visit is the Precious Moments Museum. Who could ever imagine that something like this existed in Numancia, Aklan, just minutes away from Kalibo. The way I understood it, its owner made this place one of his residences. We even had a peek -3at his abode which I found quite classy and thai inspired. It would have looked even better if more attention were given to the upkeep of the place as some parts are already gathering dust while other areas are in need of repair.

This is where a lot of pretty dolls and figurines could be seen. Items here are for sale.

Really, everything is super cute. Its good for collecting as well especially its very attractive dolls.

I saw this book wanting to open it but my better judgement opposed this violation of privacy.

This is some sort of christmas village in a section of the house I showed earlier. Christmas decors,trinkets, and dolls are sold here all year round.

These angels are fascinating and their faces quite delicate. 
These could be seen in some sections of the house.

Check out this gorgeous doll adorned in an intricate Filipinana attire.

I just had to take this photo. I keep seeing this each time we visit Kalibo. It says "brotherhood." I wonder if this is an implication of marriage between 
good and bad.

We also had the chance to visit Bakhawan Eco-Park.

It is a nice effort to plant mangroves but if this is to prosper as a tourist spot, there's a need to address the sturdiness of the bridges as well as the stink in the area. It smells like pee in some parts. I appreciate the person who explained how people were mobilized to create this a livelihood source. She was very accomodating.

We also got to visit Leso, Aklan near Numancia and Kalibo. Here, pottery is the main source of livelihood of the community and everything from ash trays to vases are dirt cheap...literally. I was able to get so much under a thousand pesos which I gave away as presents to people.

This we did in a day (since it was a holiday). The very next day, we had to go around again to visit schools...which is our main reason for being in the area.